“Diversity — of perspective, talents and experiences- is the most reliable source of new thinking” 
- Jeanne Liedtka
The core tenet to my overall approach to teaching and mentorship is to preserve, and leverage, the inner child; to capitalize on untethered creative expression, and to think beyond the scope of a letter grade. We should all engage in divergent thinking to create new, innovative solutions to the problems we care most about. 
Have fun and act boldly.
J399: XR for Social Change
J610: User Experience (UX) Design
ADV 3008: Principles of Advertising
MMC  3203: Ethics and Problems in Mass Communications
MMC 4410: Integrated Communications Campaigns
Creando Experiencias Interactivas en Unity, Marketing University Webinar Workshop, Bogota, Colombia - 2019
Board of Education (BOE) Summer Fellow & Mentor
UF Center for Precollegiate Education and Training (UF CPET): Research Immersion and Science & Engineering
SREB-Institute on Teaching and Mentoring (Fellowship)
University of Florida Graduate Student Mentoring Award
President, Gator McKnights Unite (GMU)
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